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Bruno Birkhofer is one of VOLO Magazine’s trusted Photographers in Switzerland. A technical Artist with a passion for excellence, Bruno creates works of art which are flawless and sublime.

In this set he combines his talents with another great artist and VOLO Model Aleksa Slusarchi in a set that not only showcases this incredible location and the models amazing form… But truly captures the emotions and moments of feeling which are translated to the audience.

Incredible work as always and many more to come in future issues of VOLO. Stay tuned for even more amazing from this talented artist.

Bruno says:
For the Riverdream photo series, we were on our way in the South of Switzerland for three days. The different locations were some kilometres apart and so we had to proceed very well-planned in order to capture the right light in all locations. Therefore the days were very long and we had to get up at five in the morning and never returned to our hotel before ten in the evening. But, when the light was not ideal to take photographs we had enough time for extended breaks and to freshen up in the cool river water.

Shootings in such locations can only be created with professional models. Because of the loud roaring of the waterfalls, the communication between photographer and model is impossible at times. This is why everything has to be prepared in advance. The shootings have to be carried out very efficiently, since the cold water and chilly temperatures in the morning quickly led to the model getting cold.